Forest Flame

Flame of the Forrest

Color Green
Kanji 树林
Romaji Shinrin
Ability Plant Manipulation
Users Koyo Aoba
Belongs To Dying Will Flames of the Earth

Forest Flames are in the shape of leaves and allow the manipulation of plants. It allows for its user to grow, manipulate, and use all sorts of forest-born plants to a certain level. Its user, Koyo Aoba, regrew all the vegetation on the Simon Island using this ability. Also, when he and Ryohei Sasagawa began their fight, Koyo created a barbed vined cage as their arena. The Flame, although in the shape of leaves, have a blade-like quality, comparable that to many small, but very sharp knives. This was shown when Ryohei Sasagawa was knocked back by the leaves, severely wounded by cuts inflicted by the Flame.


  • At the center of the Flame is the word "Simon".


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