Flan's Grandmother


Gender Female
Age 60s - 80s
Status Alive
Family Flan (Grandson)
Manga Debut Chapter 347

Character OutlineEdit

She is Flan's grandmother. Despite her caring greatly for him, Flan callously commented that she made awful bento lunches.


Flan's grandmother appears to be very kind, as she offered to give Mammon milk and dutifully cares for her grandson Flan.


Flan's grandmother is elderly, her hair having gone gray, which she pulls into a bun. She is seen wearing a long, brown dress. She has wrinkles on her face due to age and is rather short.

Plot OverviewEdit

The Curse of the Rainbow ArcEdit

Flan's grandmother first appears, informing Mammon that Flan was playing upstream. After informing him of this, she goes to get Mammon milk, but is surprised to see that Mammon had disappeared upon her return.

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