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Flan, also called Fran in Reborn! Colore, is the newest official member of the Varia ten years in the future. He is shown to possess the 666 Hell Ring.

Character Outline


Flan is a boy with light green hair and eyes of the same color, under both his eyes are blue triangular markings. While in the future, Flan's most defining feature is his large hat shaped like a frog's head, which Belphegor forces him to waer to symbolize him being Mammon's replacment. His main outfit is the Varia uniform from the future.

In the present, Flan is younger by around ten years. Instead of an oversized frog head, he instead wears an equally large apple-shaped hat. His main outfit in the present time is the Kokuyo uniform.


Flan has a calm demeanor despite being very antagonistic towards other people, constantly verbally attacking them without a slightest care of the consequence, which results in him being attacked back by several people, particularly Belphegor and Mukuro. In the present, Flan is not much different from his future-self, still retaining his mocking and straightforward behavior to others. However, he still shows childish behavior, normal for a boy his age, such as when he mistook Mukuro and Varia as fairies, showing his childish imagination, or when he was scared upon his first meeting with Vendicare.


Flan is a Frenchman and lived with his grandmother in the Jura region before joining the Varia. Introduced during the Varia attack on a Millefiore Famiglia base in Italy, Flan is Mammon's replacement as the group's illusionist.

Due to his Hell Ring, it is most likely he has somehow suffered 666 events throughout his life as he is able to use his Hell Ring which can only be used by suffering 666 events.

According to Reborn! It was later revealed that his master is Mukuro Rokudo, who was released from the Vendicare Prison thanks to Flan's help.

Plot Overview

Future Arc

Merone Base Invasion

Flan participated in the invasion and subsequent defense of a Millefiore Base in Italy in the same time frame as the Merone Base Invasion by Tsuna, his Guardians, and Lal Mirch. Flan was paired with Belphegor and ordered to explore the surrounding area to the base and fight any Millefiore soldiers they found. After Belphegor dispatched a number of Millefiore soldiers (and a large section of forest), they came across Olgert, and very much to their surprise, Bel's supposedly dead twin brother - Rasiel. When it came time to fight, Flan couldn't open his Box due to the fact that he needs to do a hero-like pose before opening his Box. He couldn't do his usual pose because it involves reaching over his head, which he couldn't reach because of the frog hat. After Rasiel incapacitated Bel, Flan was able to create an illusion and escaped, not only to save their lives but to also witness Xanxus fighting with Rasiel.

Future Final Battle Arc

According to Lussuria, Flan went to visit a girl whose name was W.W after the Millefiore Castle Invasion. The romanized translation of what Lussuria said was "Daburyu," which is the letter W. It is later revealed that Flan went to Vendicare Prison to help Mukuro escape prison by posing as a member of the Millefiore Famiglia. The Milliefore Familgia were about to release Ghost only to find that someone had posed as a member from their Famiglia and released Mukuro Rokudo. Flan is later seen at a hideout with the girl that was revealed to be M.M., who was there with Ken Joshima and Chikusa Kakimoto. M.M. scolds Flan for putting her bag upside-down and for sneezing on her expensive coat. Flan complains that he always gets scolded for everything, even though he was the one who had helped Mukuro escape. Chikusa says that Mukuro will need some time to recover, since he had been floating in a tank of water for ten years. Later on, in the final battle between the Vongola and Millefiore Famiglia, Kikyo, Zakuro, and Bluebell, who have seemingly killed the entire Vongola Famiglia, are attacked by illusions created by Mukuro.

Mukuro Flan

Flan arrives with Mukuro

Flan, who reappeared beside Mukuro, complained that Mukuro had taken the "spotlight" again and that the people that they believed to have killed were really an Illusion, and that the Real Funeral Wreaths had in fact killed no one. Belphegor, who felt a bit annoyed by how the illusion worked out, complained whether they really had to die in the illusion. Flan responded that illusions had to be "realistic" and that "illusions were somewhat like pranks." Mukuro said that he was wrong and comically stabbed Flan in the head, which shocked Lussuria and Ryohei. Mukuro said that the real reason was to find data on the Six Funeral Wreaths, and to serve as a warm up. Bel, who still believes that the illusion was still ongoing, asked how long the illusion would last. Flan reassures everyone that "pineapple hair wasn't an illusion" and that he helped him escape from Vendicare. Kikyo applauded Mukuro's apprentice for hoodwinking the Vindice, and Flan told Mukuro that he was a celebrity now, but Mukuro once again stabs him in the head to silence him. Flan then told everyone that the "rehearsal was over" since the Funeral Wreaths that have fully healed from the attack earlier are ready to wipe them out again. Flan tells Mukuro he should sit down because he just got his strength back or wait until his Vongola Box got there. Just when the two sides have begun to fight again, out of nowhere, Ghost arrives on the battlefield.

Ghost then started to drain Flan's Dying Will Flames along with everyone else that is present. The Varia started to attack Ghost, but to only find out that it had no use. After the battle, the rest of the Varia head back to Italy.

The Curse of the Rainbow Arc


Fran corrent

Varia's first glimpse of the current Flan

The Varia decide to recruit Flan as a new Varia officer. In the present, he lives in an unexplored region countryside of France called "Jura" with his grandmother. Viper asks Flan's grandmother where he was, to which she answers that he's playing upstream in the river at the west side of the countryside. They see him later on a river alongside with the Kokuyo Junior High Gang, excluding Chrome Dokuro, who are also looking for the boy. This time, Flan wears a giant apple head instead of a frog head, the Varia spotting him as the present Flan commented that his grandmother's bentos were awful as usual.

When he noticed Mukuro and the others' present, he mistakes them as "fairies," and does an exorcism dance, calling Mukuro, "pineapple head fairy" and Varia, "tooth decaying fungus," much to their annoyance. Flan starts to running away from them when Belphegor throws knives at him, which do not affect him as he blocks them with his hat, revealing it to be an illusion. He is chased after by Ken and Levi, who try to coax and intimidate him into calming down, respectively. Mukuro and Squalo stop him and find that he has lost his memories from the future because his head was hit by a cheese block, according to his grandmother. Mukuro and Squalo argue that neither of them needs Flan. The group negotiate and are about to decide with a game of ladder which side must take care of Flan when he interrupts and decides which group he will go with.

1st Day of Representative Battle of the Rainbow

In the end of the first battle, it is shown that Flan has joined Mukuro and is part of Team Verde. He is proudly referred to by Verde, along with Mukuro, as the Illusionist Duo.

2nd Day of Representative Battle of the Rainbow

On the second day of the Representative Battle, Flan is seen firing missiles from Verde's Reality Illusion Gloves. When Colonnello fires his Maximum Rifle, Flan is injured protecting his Rainbow Wristwatch. Mukuro sees Flan's bad condition and chooses to retreat, taking Flan with him. Shortly, however, they were attacked by a Vindice and nearly overpowered by him, but Flan was able to use his illusion to trick the Vindice, saving himself and Mukuro.

Third Day of Representative Battle of the Rainbow

On the third day of the Representative Battle, he was supposed to assist Mukuro, Ken, and Chikusa to defeat the Vindice, but fell asleep, forcing Team Verde to form a temporary alliance with Team Reborn. When both of them started to get overpowered by the Vindice, Mukuro ordered M.M to wake Flan up, but he was too terrified by the Vindice's appearances whom he mistook as death gods and fainted again.

Fourth Day of Representative Battle of the Rainbow

On the fourth day of the Representative Battle, he was chosen as one of representatives who will fight Team Bermuda. He, along with Chrome, Gokudera, and Yamamoto, fought Small Gia and Big Pino. He and Chrome created illusions to hide themselves, and another one to fight Small Gia and Big Pino to buy some time until Tsuna, Enma, and Basil arrived after defeating Alejandro. However, Small Gia and Big Pino were able to pinpoint their location, destroying the illusions, Gokudera's Sistema C.A.I and Yamamoto's swords. Fortunately, before Big Pino was able to kill them with his next attack, they were saved by Enma's gravity manipulation that made them float in the air, dodging the attack.

When Yamamoto and Gokudera were able to hold Small Gia and Big Pino with Enma's help, Chrome told Flan to protect them with Verde's equipment. Flan was, at first, reluctant due to being tired, scared, and annoyed. But he quickly relented when Chrome firmly insisted that he must help, on one condition: that she will kiss him on the cheek if it goes well. With Chrome's aid, he created ceramics that covered Yamamoto's and Gokudera's entire bodies right before the dynamites explode, destroying Small Gia's and Big Pino's power without harming Gokudera and Yamamoto. After resting, he went to assist the members who were fighting Jager and protected Tsuna from Jager's attack, but was quickly defeated by the latter along with Chrome and Enma.

After the Representative Battle was finished, he was admitted into Namimori hospital along with Mukuro, Chrome, Byakuran, Hibari, Dino, Basil, and the Varia. He appeared when the wall that connected to Mukuro's room was destroyed by Hibari's tonfa, commenting how Hibari's tonfa hit right at the spikes of Mukuro's hair. In the last chapter, he was seen with the rest of the Kokuyo Gang when Tsuna narrated his thought of now having reliable friends.


Mukuro Rokudo

Flan is Mukuro's disciple in the future and so far the only Mukuro's subordinate who boldly insults him without any fear. Due to Flan's antagonistic personality, even though he calls him "Master," Flan often mocks Mukuro by calling him "pineapple head". Mukuro also admitted to Byakuran that Flan was more like a poor-skilled brat than a comrade and also called him a useless disciple, going so far as to stab his frog/apple hat into his head several times with his trident to express his annoyance towards him and to tell him to shut up. Mukuro's annoyance toward Flan is so big that he immediately changed his mind once he knew that Flan lost his memories and refers to him as "pineapple fairy" when he attempted to let Varia have him and would recruit him when his "stupidity was cured". In spite of this, Daemon stated that Flan is one of people that is important to Mukuro. In the manga, Future Mukuro refers to him as "Little one".

Chrome Dokuro

Despite being Mukuro's student, Chrome and Flan hardly had any interaction. However, Chrome has shown to be one of the few people that could actually control Flan, being able to make him use Verde's device to help Gokudera and Yamamoto from getting killed by the Vindice, despite how Flan was being lazy and didn't want to do anything straining, but relented after he noted how scary Chrome was when she scolded him for making excuses. Flan also doesn't seem to treat her as he does others, which is usually by insulting them, even though Chrome has the same hairstyle as Mukuro and therefore very easy to insult for Flan. He even seems to display a small crush on her, muttering about wanting a kiss from her if he were to help her with Verde's device.


Flan's relationship with the Varia in the future is a strained one, which is normal for that group, as they always threaten to kill one another or wish for one another's death. Flan is especially disliked by them all, due to his sarcastic and insulting personality, which makes him insult each and every one of them, though possibly not Xanxus as Xanxus would very much likely kill him.

Flan dislikes Belphegor a great deal, as in the future, Bel makes Flan wear a frog hat on his head because Flan was replacing Marmon essentially. Flan constantly complains about the frog hat, saying that it gets in the way and makes it hard to open his Box Weapon. Bel also hates Flan and always warns everyone that he might just kill Flan, and has thrown knives at Flan's hat like Mukuro pierces it as well. Bel says that Flan calls him the "degenerate Prince" or "Self-Appointed Prince". However, despite Levi telling Bel to kill Flan anyways, Bel refuses, as he dislikes Levi even more and would have to work with him if Flan were to die.

Levi seems to have the worst treatment, as according to Bel, Flan called Levi a "gross-beaded, nasty nose-haired, molester that should just die", and in the past when Levi tried to intimidate Flan into stop running after the latter lost his memories, Flan noted that Levi wasn't scary at all and just ran past him. Flan also called Lussuria a "perverted peacock drag queen" and Squalo an "idiotic long-haired commander" and according to Bel, a "long-haired commander dumbass". However, Squalo doesn't believe that and still suggested to recruit Flan in the past, though changed his mind the moment that he learned that Flan lost his memories, and tried to let Mukuro have him, and even tried to throw Levi in there as well.


Flan's Box Weapon

Flan using his Box Weapon

  • Illusions - Flan, being Mukuro's disciple, is a powerful illusionist, capable of fooling a Fake Funeral Wreath, and is one of the three illusionists capable of fooling the Vendice.
  • Bel Box Weapon - Flan has a Box Weapon that is a miniature version of Belphegor covered with Mist Flames.
  • Hell Ring- Flan has the 666 Hell Ring.
  • Reality Illusion Gloves - Gloves that allow Flan to make illusions into real, solid objects.


  • In the Reborn! Fandom, his number is either 666 or 26.
  • On official Reborn! products, his name is spelled "Fran."
  • In the future, he was abducted by Squalo and Bel to join Varia.
  • In the DS Games, his Box Weapon is shown to be a big grey toad, exactly like his hat, but in the manga and anime series, it is a miniature Bel that can breath Mist Flames.
  • Flan's frog hat shrinks and wrinkles when his Dying Will Flames are being sucked away.
  • He is forced by Bel to wear a frog hat that symbolizes he is Mammon's replacement.
  • In the most recent poll, Flan ranked 4th in popularity and 11th in strength.
  • Flan's character song is Special Illusion.
  • In the "Dream Match-Up" Polls, Reborn stated that Flan is a genius, like Belphegor.
  • Like M.M, he is originated from France.
  • In the anime, he once broke the fourth wall and directly spoke to the audience.
  • In the manga, Future Fran's speech replaces certain Japanese words with anglicisms, the most common being how he is referring himself, replacing "boku" (, boku?), with its English equivalent, "me" (ミー, ?).
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