Flame of Night

Daemon uses the 8th Element

Color Black
Ability Transportation and coating the user
Belongs To Special Flames

The Flame of Night is a unique type of Flame used by the Vindice and Daemon Spade, being created by the ex-Arcobaleno and leader of the Vindice, Bermuda von Veckenschtein. It has the distinct appearance of a heavy, inky darkness and an energy output higher than any other Flame currently in use, thus it can easily overpower the other Flames. It causes explosive bursts of energy when used, capable of decimating entire areas in a violent burst of power, and can connect different areas through portals for a quick escape. The Flame can also coat the user, increasing their base power level. Jager stated that the use of the Flame is governed by a set of laws that are personally enforced by the Vindice.

Bermuda is the creator of the Flame of Night, revealing that his Clear Pacifier was created when Checker Face stole the Flame from his old Pacifier, leaving him to die. Due to an intense amount of bitterness and hatred, Bermuda created his special Flame to restore his deteriorating body, creating the Clear Pacifier which held the Flame of Night. Eventually, when he founded the Vindice, he provided them all with the Flame.

Known LawsEdit

  1. To use the Flame, one must have a physical body.



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