Flame Arrow

Flame Arrow

Title Flame Arrow
Abilities Medium Range Attack
Users Hayato Gokudera
Similar Weapons
Manga Debut Chapter 144
Anime Debut Episode 77

Flame Arrow (赤炎の矢 (フレーム アロ, Furemu Aro; Japanese for "Red Flame Arrow") is a cannon strapped to the user's arm with a skull's face over the hand and a barrel aimed out of the skull's mouth. Another skull mounted on the rear end of the cannon allows ammo to be inserted, which can be real bullets or even dynamite. The cannon's main attack is a burst of pure Storm Flames, but it can also utilize special missiles when mixed with other types of Flames. The cannon can issue instruction in Italian by spelling words in Dying Will Flames. It is an original Innocenti construct due to its inclusion in the Sistema C.A.I. and its design.

Types of AmmunitionEdit

Dynamite: Gokudera first used dynamite as ammunition for the Flame Arrow.
Storm: If the attack is not focused by closing the Skull's mouth on the front end, the cannon releases a burst of air that extinguishes Dying Will Flames. If it is focused, however, the resulting attack is a large amount of Storm Flames extending about five meters, covering a wide radius.
Rain: By coating the Storm beams with Rain Flames, enemy Flames are weakened by the Tranquility property. This allows the beams to penetrate the enemy's defenses.
Sun: The Sun Flame's Activation property and high power output increases the speed of the Storm Bullets, creating an attack with incredible acceleration.
Cloud: The cannon fires one shot that spreads in a tree branch-like fashion due to the Cloud Flame's Propagation ability, creating a widespread blast that is difficult to avoid.
Lightning: Creates an attack known as Flame Thunder. The attack is a solid beam due to the Lightning Flame's Solidification property. Gokudera claims it is his strongest attack.


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