First Time Killing

Chapter 19 Cover

Hajimete no Koroshi
Arc Daily Life Arc
Chapter 19
Volume Faintly Arrives!
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Pole Knocking (Later Half)
Eat and Run

First Time Killing is the 19th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Tsuna wakes up after hearing some gunshots and sees a thief ransacking his room. The thief approaches him and suddenly collapses on his bed and Tsuna panics when he sees blood on the thief's back. Seeing Reborn enter the room, Tsuna tells him that someone shot the thief but Reborn points out that Tsuna was holding the gun, making Tsuna panic even more. Bianchi also arrives and says that she is impressed with Tsuna for becoming an adult. Haru then arrives wearing a boat costume which breaks when she hears that Tsuna killed the thief. The four then hears the voices of Hayato and Takeshi and the two enters the room and sees Tsuna and Haru panicking.

While Takeshi tries to calm down Tsuna, Hayato suggest that they check if the thief is really dead. Hayato tries to burn the guy with his cigarette causing him to move. Tsuna and Haru tries to call for an ambulance, but Reborn tells them that he already contacted a doctor who is none other that Doctor Shamal. Shamal inspects Haru by touching her chest causing her to punch him. When Tsuna points out the thief, Shamal refuses to treat him since he is a man. Haru, Takeshi and Hayato check his pupils, breathing and heart but the three concludes that the thief is dead. Reborn informs the group that he called another person to help them. Kyoya arrives much to everyone's surprise. Hibari proposes that he will get rid of the body and leaves, saying that someone from the disciplinary committee will arrive to pick it up.

Hayato wants to get even with Kyoya and throws some of his dynamites but Kyoya easily sends it back to the room causing an explosion. When the smoke clears, Haru points out that the body disappeared. Everyone is surprised to see that the thief is still alive and introduces himself as a professional in being assassinated from the Vongola Family and Reborn explains that he only put the gun on Tsuna's hand. After hearing this, Tsuna and Haru collapse due to exhaustion while Hayato and Takeshi gets to know Moretti.


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