First Edition Zero Point Breakthrough

Target 132

Shodai Zero Chiten Toppa
Arc Varia Arc
Chapter 132
Volume Blood of Vongola II
Chapter Guide
Blood of the Vongola II

First Edition Zero Point Breakthrough is the 132nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Dino and Basil cry out Tsuna's name, Squalo grinning in triumph. Colonello shouts out that someone was in the smoke, and Xanxus is standing there. While Doctor Shamal and Basil express their disbelief and Squalo states that it was expected, Reborn tells the other Vongola not to all panic at the same time, telling them to look at Xanxus's hands, which were frozen. Squalo's smug expression turns into a shocked one, stating that it was impossible and that it was just like "last time". Xanxus gazes at his hand in shock, his expression quickly turning into one of anger, and yells at Tsuna.

In the gym where Chrome is held hostage, Belphegor tells Gokudera and Yamamoto to hand over their Half Vongola Rings. Mammon threatens to skin Chrome alive and rip her limbs out if they don't. However, Ryohei bursts through the gym wall using Maximum Cannon, freeing Gokudera and Yamamoto from the illusion they were trapped in, Yamamoto saving Chrome as well. At the battle between Xanxus and Tsuna, Xanxus angrily yells and wonders why a "scumbag like you [Tsuna]" could master the Vongola Primo's ultimate technique. Tsuna, however, doesn't reply and states that the scars all over Xanxus's body was proof that his entire body was once sealed by the Zero Point Breakthrough. Tsuna adds that since Xanxus couldn't ignite his Flame of Wrath, he lost. Xanxus attempts to smash the ice by hammering at his own leg, but to no avail, Tsuna telling Xanxus to stop, as if he continued, the scars resulting would be worse than the Ninth gave him, much to the various observers' shock. Xanxus tells Tsuna to shut up, and that his name was the one with two X's in it, and that he would be the Vongola Decimo, charging towards Tsuna for an attack. However, Tsuna punches Xanxus in the gut and initiates the Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition, the ice consuming Xanxus's body.

Squalo yells out at Tsuna not to do it, but the ice was already slowly spreading over Xanxus's body. Tsuna is about to ask Xanxus why he did something, but Xanxus yells at Tsuna not to repeat the same words as "the senile old fart", the Ninth. Tsuna suddenly realizes something as Xanxus is fully consumed by the Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition's ice, closing his hand over the joined Sky Vongola Ring.


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