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Final Battle Arrives!

Volume 28

Saishuu Kessen Kuru!
Volume Info
Japanese Release Date March 4, 2010
Volume Number 28
Volume Guide
Yuni Arrives!
Tsuna vs. Byakuran Arrives!

Final Battle Arrives! (最終決戦来る!, Saishuu Kessen Kuru!) is the 28th volume of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! manga series by Akira Amano.



Uncle Kawahira, one of I-Pin's frequent customers, hides Tsuna and his Family in his restaurant to protect them from Zakuro. Back in Namimori, Daisy is confronted by Dino and Hibari, with the latter managing to defeat him with his Vongola Box. The other Funeral Wreaths find Tsuna's group, but they escape after Tsuna defeats Torikabuto. In order to face the remaining Funeral Wreaths, the Vongola split into three parties, with the first of them ambushing Zakuro. As all of them are overwhelmed by Zakuro when Bluebell comes to help him, the Varia decides to aid the Vongola in their fight. Meanwhile, Kikyo and his men attack the second party, as the third one is protecting Yuni.

Characters IntroducedEdit


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