Ferro Corno Electro Shock
Technique | Combination
Ferro Corno Electro Shock
Title Ferro Corno Electro Shock
Users Lambo
Manga Debut Chapter 313

Ferro Corno Electro Shock (電撃鉄の角 (フエッロ・コルナ・エレットロ・ショック; Fuerro Koruna Erettoro Shokku, Italian for "Ironhorn Electro Shock, Japanese for "Iron Electric Shock Horn) is a technique where Lambo creates two massive 'spear-like' objects by combining three of the six iron objects created by Ironhorn Electorico, (which are already powered up by the Lightning Flame's Hardening characteristic) then launches the two spears toward his target. This technique is powerful enough to obliterate a mountain.

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