Target 178

Arc Future Arc
Chapter 178
Volume X Burner Arrives!
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Tsunayoshi Sawada vs. Dendro Chilum
Lal Mirch vs. Ginger Bread

Fate is the 178th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Ryohei inspects Tsuna's arm wound and tells them that he would stop the bleeding by burning the wound. Tsuna exclaims that it was just a scratch and didn't need healing, Lal Mirch disagrees and tells Tsuna to stop being difficult. As Ryohei held his Sun Trowel against Tsuna's wound, Tsuna mentions that it does not hurt, to which Ryohei responds that the Sun Flame's attribute is Activity, therefore, it stimulates the body's cells regeneration, allowing a person to heal 100 times faster than normal.

The others praises Tsuna's new technique and Lal Mirch says that Tsuna did not even use half his power in that attack. Tsuna reveals that it is still unstable and he would not be able to release it at full power. Furthermore, the enemy was not at his full power either. Ryohei agrees and states that the important thing is the flame's purity instead of its size. Yamamoto and Gokudera mention that Gamma's flames were a lot sharper.

A vengeful and bitter Gamma has been angered to a point where he is mercilessly beating up the more inexperienced members of his division. He has a disagreement with Tazaru, and is about to activate his Flames on him, when Genkishi appears and invites Gamma for a "talk".

Tsuna and the others are preparing to break into one of the Melone Base's rooms. Lal Mirch rushes into the room and is attacked by a barrage of flames. At this point Ginger Bread appears and ponders if he should alert his superiors of Tsuna's presence. He then says that it wouldn't be a bad idea to kill Tsuna and his friends on the spot and added "just like I did to that Colonello of yours", sparking a vengeful feeling inside Lal Mirch.


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