In the Reborn! Fandom, several characters' names have either a number (e.g. Tsuna is 27), a letter (e.g. Lambo is L), or an abbreviation (e.g. Genkishi is Gen). Not all characters as of yet have an assigned Fandom Shorthand, and several may overlap, which usually results in finding new ways to manipulate pronunciations, sometimes even using other languages' numbers (e.g. Yuni is Latin for 1, so her number is 01). The shorthands are mostly used for naming different pairings (e.g. Colonnello and Lal Mirch is 5666 while Bianchi and Reborn is 88R).

As previously mentioned, the fandom numbers usually come about as a manipulation of pronunciation. For instance, Tsuna's number is 27 because in Japanese, "tsu" means two, and "na" means seven. Thus, "Tsu" + "Na" = 27. Another example is Gokudera's number, 59; "go" means five in Japanese and "ku" means 9. Thus, "Go" + "Ku" = 59. Further examples include Hibari's number (which is 18 because of "Hi" [one] and "Ba" [eight]) or Rokudo's number (which is 69 because of "Ro" [six] and "Ku" [nine])





  • Not all pairings are named using the same shorthand method. Often, people will write the full names or use a different variation of the shorthand. For example, Lal Mirch x Colonnello isn't always "ColoLal" or "5666," but sometimes LalNello, an amusing portmanteau of the names..
  • Notes on overlapping names:
    • Glo Xinia and Colonnello are both possibly referred to as 56, which is why the abbreviation Colo is sometimes used.
    • Dino and Daemon both have the shorthand D, though the abbreviation Dae is more commonly used for the latter.
    • I-Pin can be both I or Pin, Lambo can be Lam or L, Belphegor can be B or Bel. These came about to reduce ambiguity, as an initial is somewhat ambiguous and hard to search for.
    • Fuuta and G. are referred to as 2 and 02 respectively, which does cause some confusion.
    • Kyoko can be 95 as well as K. Squalo can be either 29 or 36 as well as S. Lal Mirch can be both 66 and Lal. These particular ambiguities come about because their number-aliases have looser links to actual numerical pronunciations.
    • Hyper Dying Will Mode Tsuna and Natsu are both known as 72.
    • Colonnello is also popularly referred to as C in pairing shorthand, which can be easily mistaken for Cozart.