The Fake Funeral Wreaths were the holders of the Fake Mare Rings and the people who at first were thought to be the legitimate holders of the Mare Rings.

Although powerful in their own right, the members of the group existed to hide the existence of the Real Funeral Wreaths, who were unknown to anyone other than Byakuran at the time.

The members of this group were equipped with high grade replicas of the Mare Rings and all had high positions within the Millefiore. Byakuran used the Fake Wreaths to run the Millefiore's many squads and to gauge the strength of the Vongola Famiglia.


Shoichi IrieEdit

Cervello Working Under Irie

The Fake Sun Mare Ring holder, Shoichi, was one of Byakuran's more trusted subordinates, often involved in important projects such as the formation of the Millefiore and the extermination of the Vongola. Irie headed the Japanese division of the Millefiore and was the captain of the 2nd Squad, but lost his position and ring after his betrayal.


Genkishi 2

One of the more powerful members of the Fake Wreaths. Genkishi held the position of the Fake Mist Mare Ring Holder, and was probably one of the few people within the Millefiore to know of the existence of the Real Funeral Wreaths, and was even a member of the Real Mist Funeral Wreath Torikabuto's squads. Genkishi was at the heart of the breakup of the Giglio Nero Famiglia due to him betraying his former family, and was the reason the Gesso Famiglia and the Giglio Nero Famiglia merged to form the Millefiore.


Lightning Gamma

The Fake Lightning Mare Ring Holder, Gamma, was the head of the 3rd Squad of the Millefiore Division. Although he served the Millefiore, Gamma did this somewhat reluctantly, as his true loyalty was with his former family, the Giglio Nero Famiglia; however, after his boss Yuni decided that the Giglio Nero Famiglia would work together with the Gesso Famiglia to form the Millefiore, Gamma did what was required of him, in the hopes of one day avenging his boss by killing Byakuran.



The Fake Storm Mare Ring holder, Rasiel, was discovered and saved by Byakuran after Rasiel's battle with his brother Belphegor. For a long time he was thought to be dead, but he finally resurfaced to head the Millefiore's defense of their Italian base against the Vongola attackers, headed by the Varia.

Glo XiniaEdit

Glo Xinia

The Fake Rain Mare Ring Holder and captain of the 8th Squad of the Millefiore divisions. Not much is known about him, except that at some point in time he battled Mukuro and seemingly defeated him. However this was all a part of Mukuro's plan, and Glo Xinia would discover this as he was defeated by Mukuro's subordinate, Chrome, with help from Mukuro himself, although Glo planted a transmitter in Chrome's bag right before his defeat to help the Millefiore find the location of the Vongola base.


  • The Fake Cloud Funeral Wreath was never revealed.


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