Evocatore Famiglia is a game-only Mafia family that is introduced in the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! DS Fate of Heat.


The only known members of the Evocatore Famiglia. From left to right: Albito, Rizona

Known Information Edit

The Evocatore Famiglia is said to be an ally of the Vongola Famiglia.

Members Edit

The Evocatore Famiglia has plenty of members. The Family is just shown in the Fate of Heat. The only known members are:

Albito Edit



Albito is the son of the boss of the Evocatore during the present time. He is a transfer student from Italy, together with Rizona in Tsuna's class. Albito helped the Vongola Family during the Ring Conflict with Varia. After the conflict was over, he was possessed by his own power and battled Tsuna. But the others helped Tsuna fighting Albito that led to his defeat. Ten Years Later, Albito is already the boss of the Evocatore. He and Rizona escaped from Italy and went to Japan because of the raid of the Millefiore. He infiltrated the base of the Belladonna Lily by disguising as Devolt. But when the true Devolt appeared, he fought him alongside with Tsuna. They defeated Devolt and once again, Albito fought together with the Vongola. Albito is also one of the bosses that not possess a Sky Flame, hence, he possess a Mist Flame, which helped him in disguising as Devolt. His weapon of choice is a marionette.


Rizona Edit



Rizona is the right-hand woman of Albito. She is also a transfer student from Italy that transferred to Tsuna's class. Rizona possesses a Sun Flame. She also has a weapon, which is a teddy bear named Roza Roza. Rizona is a strong willed girl, she fights using the spirit technique passed down in the Evocatore Famiglia.


Rizona and Roza Roza

Locations Edit

Evocatore Famiglia HQ Edit

The Evocatore Famiglia's headquarters is found in Italy.

Trivia Edit

  • Evocatore Famiglia is one of two game-only mafia families. The other is the Bertesca Famiglia.
  • Evocatore means evocative in Italian or bringing strong images, memories or feelings in the mind.

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