Eternal Elena

Eternal elena

Eien no Erena
Arc Inheritance Ceremony Arc
Chapter 345
Volume Curse of the Rainbow Arrives!
Chapter Guide
Trump Card
And Then a Smile...

Eternal Elena is the 345th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.

Synopsis Edit

Reborn asked what was inside the pocketwatch, to which Tsuna answered that it was an old picture of Daemon with the 1st generation Guardians and a beautiful woman beside him, surprising the others. Daemon said that the woman is Elena, his old lover. Daemon began to tell them his past with Elena and revealed his love for her and the Vongola Famiglia at the time that succeeded in protecting others until Giotto threw away the military forces. At one night, their territory was attacked, which killed Elena in the process. After this incident, Daemon swore to make the Vongola even stronger for Elena's sake.

Tsuna questioned does Elena really like the way of Vongola that Daemon made, angering Daemon who asks does Tsuna understand Elena's feeling, to which Tsuna answered that he did. He told Daemon that Elena felt gratitude towards him, stating that he knows through his Hyper Intuition, and that she would have probably thanked him. At this, Daemon tearfully apologizes for being unable to save her as he begins to disappear. Reborn told him that he had lived too long and told him to return to Elena and to leave the Vongola to Tsuna. Daemon laughed at this but then finally understood that he could leave the Vongola to Tsuna and his Guardians. He disappeared, finally accepting Tsuna as the true Vongola boss.

Tsuna says that Daemon had realized that he wasn't telling the truth about his Hyper Intuition about Elena; however, Reborn commented that Daemon always wanted to hear those words and feelings that Tsuna told him from Elena, which was why he lived all this time just to hear it. After this, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Lambo, and Ryohei along with the Simon Guardians returned as promised by the Vindice, Mukuro also being allowed to return to his own body. However, the Vindice interrupted and said that there was one final thing they needed to tell them.


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