Estraneo Famiglia

Mukuro Distroying the Estraneo Family

Kanji Title エストラネオーファミリー
Romaji Title Esutoraneo Famiri
Literal Meaning Stranger

The Estraneo Famiglia was the Famiglia that Mukuro, Ken, and Chikusa came from.


Estraneo Member

One of Estraneo Researchers

The Estraneo Famiglia was a normal Mafia Famiglia. Mukuro, Ken, and Chikusa were born into this Famiglia. However, when they created the Possession Bullet, the entire Famiglia was labelled as brutal and its members were horribly persecuted by the other Mafia Famiglias. According to Ken, as soon as the members of the Famiglia stepped outside, guns were pointed at them, and they were killed like bugs. The killings just motivated the adults of the Famiglia even more in continuing the experiments to invent special weapons, and they used the children of the family as "guinea pigs." One of the researchers of the Estraneo Famiglia stated that the invention of the special weapon was a stepping stone for the Famiglia to restore their fallen glory. He also said that the children who were experimented on, should "Think of it as an honor to die by being a part of the development." The children of the Famiglia were dying one by one as a result of the experiments.

Later, when Ken and Chikusa seemed to be the only surviving children left, in the middle of an experiment, Mukuro killed all of his captors with his Six Paths of Reincarnation. With Mukuro's rebellion, all the members of the Famiglia were killed, ending the Famiglia's existence.

Known Members:Edit


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