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Escape From the Mountain of Death!

Episode 16 Title

Shi no Yama o Dasshutsu seyo!
Air Date January 27, 2007
Arc Daily Life Arc
Episode 16
Opening Song Drawing Days
Ending Song One Night Star
Episode Guide
Survival Snow Battle
Hush Before Entering the Hospital

Escape From the Mountain of Death! (死の山を脱出せよ! ) is the 16th episode of the anime series Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


When Reborn drops Tsuna and his friends off on an isolated mountain, he and others become lost in the wilderness of the mountain.


  • Kyoko wasn't lost with Haru, Lambo and I-Pin in the manga.
  • The episode differs at the start, from the manga chapter, Lost. In the anime, when Tsuna was first found, he was clinging onto a cliff, lost on trying to find Reborn. In the manga, he was immediately found tied to a rock under the waterfall by Reborn.


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