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Emergency Alert Level D

93 Cover

Kinkyū Keikai Reberu D
Air Date July 26, 2008
Arc Future Arc
Episode 93
Opening Song 88
Ending Song Cycle
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Entrusted Selection
True Natures Revealed

Emergency Alert Level D (緊急警戒レベルD) is the 93rd episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


Due to the Dellinger Phenomenon, the sun has interfered with all signals and has caused technical difficulties worldwide. Because of this, the defenses within the hideout are turned off and the setting becomes dangerous. Reborn explains a little about the Negative Tre ne Sette rays and how the Arcobaleno are affected, and he fears for Lal's life because she is a defective Arcobaleno. She seems to be affected more than Reborn. Meanwhile, Lambo and I-Pin have gotten themselves stuck inside the second power supply room and become blocked in when the backup defenses are turned on. Lambo has destroyed part of the control and the room suddenly becomes dangerously overheated. Finally, it takes Tsuna in his Hyper Dying-Will Mode to open the doors and release the children.


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