Elettro Cinghiale

Elettro Cinghiale

Title Elettro Cinghiale
Designer Lorenzini
Animal Boar
Users Dendro Chilum
Abilities Lightning Hurricane
Power A
Intelligence D
Speed C
Stamina B
Size 4.2 m
Personality Brutal
  • Rush
  • Cinghiale Scontro Frontale
  • Tusk Back Drop
Manga Debut Chapter 177
Anime Debut Episode 103

The Electric Wild Boar is Lightning-attribute Box Weapon that possesses a sturdy frame and sharp tusks hardened with Lightning Flames. It can be used together with the Lancia Elettrica to perform a powerful technique named Triplo Corno Lancia (lit. Triple Horn Lance), as seen in Tsuna's fight against Dendro Chilum.

Incidentally, Dendro's title of "Top Lancer" within the Millefiore Famiglia does not refer to his own power, but that of this Box Animal, which possesses a piercing strength five times greater than his.


Its main attack is a rushing technique utilizing its Flame-enhanced tusks. It is a simplistic form of attack, but is capable of massive damage if strong Flames are utilized. It is particularly advantageous during ambush operations, charging solo towards the area where the target is in close formation to scatter and wound them.


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