Elettrico Cuoio
Technique | Detailed
Adult Lambo Absorbing Lightning
Title Elettrico Cuoio
Users Lambo
Manga Debut Chapter 97
Anime Debut Episode 43

Elettrico Cuoio (電撃皮膚 (エレットゥリコ・キュオイオ, Erettouriko Kyuoio, lit. Electric Leather) is a technique developed due to Lambo being struck by lightning so many times; because of that, Lambo's physiology has changed in such a way that Lambo's skin can easily conduct electricity.
Five-year-old and fifteen-year-old Lambo still experience some pain when struck by high amounts of electricity, but twenty-five-year-old Lambo has created the perfect Cuoio, being able to withstand shocking amounts of electricity with absolutely no drawbacks.

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