Hurricane Bomber Gokudera

Weapon Dynamite
Abilities Explosion, Propulsion
Type Offensive
Manga Debut Chapter 3
Anime Debut Episode 2

Dynamite is a weapon used by Gokudera at medium range to blow enemies away. Gokudera's nickname was "Smokin' Bomb Hayato" due to his ability to hide them in any part of his body. Also, he is able to spontaneously light his bombs, supposedly from his cigarettes.


Dynamite is mainly used as an offensive weapon able to blow away and heavily damage enemies. The main drawback is its inaccuracy and speed. The Rocket Bombs that are later used by Gokudera in the Varia Arc have made up for these drawbacks, making it even more powerful. Dynamite can also be used as ammunition for the Flame Arrow.

  • Mini Bombs: A tiny, less powerful version of dynamite.
  • Rocket Bombs: First used against Belphegor. Designed to speed up his attacks. Each one of his Bombs, once thrown, causes the backside of the Bombs to fire up and rocket towards his opponent in a high-speed propulsion like heat-seeking missiles, which then hit squarely and explode on impact.
  • Smoke Bomb: Uses a Bomb as a smokescreen so he can flee or attack.
  • Bomb Trap: User set traps from either walls or the floor, leaving the enemy trapped in a stream of dynamites. It can also be used to trap a person in a room to set a distance between the user and the enemy.


  • Double Bombs: Gokudera's regular attack. First used against Tsuna.
  • Triple Bombs: Triple the Bombs. First used against Tsuna; perfected in the Storm Ring Battle against Belphegor.
  • Double Bomb with Mini Bombs: Double the Bombs with Mini Bombs added in. First used against Chikusa. Gokudera throws small Bombs before normal Bombs to create an illusion that they are all the same size.
  • Pickpocket Bomb: Gokudera puts a single Bomb on his target using his agile movements. First used against the Namimori High School Karate Club.
  • Speed Bomb: First used against Chikusa Kakimoto. Gokudera throws a small Bomb up in the air. This creates an explosion and momentum to propel himself forward.
  • Bomb Spray: First used in the Storm Ring Battle. Gokudera throws a Mini Bomb in close proximity to his opponent.
  • Bomb Blitz: First used against Hibari. Gokudera moves under the opponent, putting him into a wall of Dynamite.

Vongola Gear Dynamite Edit

  • Rocket Bomb Version X: Rocket Bombs that use Storm Flames. This gives them increased speed, power and homing capabilities.
  • Air Bomb: Gokudera throws a bomb beneath him to propel himself great distances, similar to his Speed Bomb.


  • Gokudera's dynamite bear the word "Dunamis" on their label, which is an Ancient Greek philosophical term used by Aristotle that translates to "potential," "possibility," and/or "capability." It is also the root of modern English words "dynamite," "dynamic," and "dynamo."


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