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The seven Dying Will Flames of the Earth are said to rival the Seven Flames of the Sky and are the trademark of the Simon Famiglia. Each flame represents an aspect of the Earth and appears to contrast with their respective rivaling Sky Flames.

The Seven Flames of the Earth

Earth (Terra)

Earth Flame
Earth Flame
ChaosVoidAdded by ChaosVoid

Known Users: Enma Kozato, Cozarto Simon, Tsunayoshi Sawada
Description: While using this Flame, Enma can manipulate the local gravity to any extent that he wishes. This power was previously misconceived as a form of telekinesis due to his ability to manipluate objects by carefully maneuvering the gravity around it accordingly.

Appearance: Earth Flames appear to be the Dying Will Flames of the Earth's equivalent to the Sky Flame, looking like actual flames in appearance (seen on Enma's forehead during Hyper Dying Will Mode as well as when shown from the underground Simon Castle).

Forest (Foresta)

Flame of the Forrest
Forest Flame
XSawadaXAdded by XSawadaX

Known Users: Koyo Aoba, Daemon Spade
Description: Forest Flames have the ability to create and control plant life. These plants can be used to create barriers of wood or to create a barrage of razor sharp leaves. Unlike other flames, Forest Flames do not burn, but instead cut the enemy with its razor edges.

Appearance: The Forest Flames look like leaves.

Mountain (Montagna)

Mountain Flame
Mountain Flame
AlienGamerAdded by AlienGamer

Known Users: Rauji Ooyama
Description: The Mountain Flame penetrates and synchronizes with soil and sand and is said to have complete control over flamed earth and sand. Users of this Flame are capable of even making mountains grow from the earth.

Appearance: The Mountain Flame looks like stones and magma covered in flames.

Swamp (Palude)

Swamp Flame
Swamp Flame
AlienGamerAdded by AlienGamer

Known Users: P. Shitt, Daemon Spade
Description: The Swamp Flame has the ability to ferment any inorganic substance, causing it to decay and rot away.

Appearance: When fermenting, the Swamp Flame looks like bog water, or the fermenting objects found in a swamp.

Glacier (Ghiacciaio)

Glacier Flame
Glacier Flame
Mpc797Added by Mpc797

Known Users: Adelheid Suzuki, Daemon Spade
Description: The Glacier Flame has freezing properties, as seen where the user was able to instantly freeze an entire waterfall.

Appearance: The Glacier Flames look like shards of ice.

Desert (Deserto)

Daemon Appears
Desert Flame
AlienGamerAdded by AlienGamer

Known Users: Julie Katou, Daemon Spade
Description: The Desert Flame allows the user to create illusions, although with un-told properties.

Appearance: The Desert Flame has the appearance of sand from the desert..

Unnamed Earth Flame

Kaoru's Flame
Kaoru's unnamed Flame
Shintoe2993Added by Shintoe2993

Known Users: Kaoru Mizuno

Description: Not much is known about this Earth Flame, as Kaoru Mizuno was taken away by the Vindice before he could use it after being fatally wounded by Daemon Spade from protecting Yamamoto. All that is known is that Kaoru can use it to cause severe lacerations in his opponents.


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