Dojo Busters

Reborn Target40

Dōjō Yaburi
Arc Daily Life Arc
Chapter 40
Volume The Zoo
Chapter Guide
Yamamoto's Training

Dojo Busters is the 40th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


As Tsuna sits in class, Ryohei arrives and asks Tsuna to go with him. They meet up with an owner of a Dojo who needs someone to guard his Dojo since Dojo Yaburi is happening frequently. Ryohei and Reborn force Tsuna to participate in the protection of the dojo.

As they wait at the dojo, I-Pin enters the dojo and tells Tsuna, with Reborn translating, that she came to get the dojo boards, causing everyone to conclude that she has been the one defeating the dojos. Ryohei orders his club members to catch her but I-Pin easily defeats them.

Lambo also arrives and tries to join in the battle too but ends up crying. However, Ryohei is able to capture I-Pin. Just then, Lambo uses the Ten Year Bazooka which causes his and I-Pin's future selves to appear. As Ryohei tries to understand what is happening, a group of men arrives and reveals that they have been getting the signboards, much to everyone's surprise. Lambo tries to attack them but ends up being defeated with one hit. Ryohei follows but is overpowered by the three men. The men then spots I-Pin and starts to approach her. However, she easily defends herself and defeats the men.

I-Pin reveals that the reason she was taking the signboards is because she wants to learn to cooking from Bianchi who tells her to get a knife and a chopping board...


Note: Bold + Italicized = First Appearance

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