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80 Cover

Fukyō Waon
Air Date April 26, 2008
Arc Future Arc
Episode 80
Opening Song 88
Ending Song Ameato
Episode Guide
First Trial

Dissonance (不協和音) is the 80th episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


They talk about Hibird, then Haru comes in and reports that Kyoko has disappeared and left a note that says she'll be going home and she'll bring home snacks for Lambo when she comes back. Then, Tsuna decides that he and Lal will search for Kyoko while Gokudera and Yamamoto will check out Namimori Shrine. While Tsuna and Lal Mirch search for Kyoko, they see Gamma heading towards Gokudera and Yamamoto. As Gokudera and Yamamoto are searching, Gokudera and Yamamoto encounter Gamma, one of the Six Funeral Wreaths of the Millefiore Family. With Gokudera's pride, he decides to fight Gamma alone without Yamamoto's assistance.


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