Dino's Father

Former Chiavarone Boss

Title Chiavarone Nono
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Famiglia Chiavarone Famiglia
Family Dino (son)
Anime Debut Episode 8

Dino's Father was the ninth boss of the Chiavarone Famiglia before Dino

Character OutlineEdit


A flashback showed that he had pale skin and an angular face. He wore a plain white shirt on his deathbed.


The Drama CD: The Bucking Horse and the Shark revealed that he had enrolled teenage Dino in a school where everyone was related to the Mafia.

Plot OverviewEdit

He was first seen in a flashback, urging Dino to accept the position of Chiavarone boss. However, Dino didn't want to and ran away, upset. Dino's father then told Romario not to worry because Reborn had been sent for. After the death of Dino's father, Dino eventually became the tenth boss of the Chiavarone Famiglia.

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