Cover 388

Arc The Curse of the Rainbow Arc
Chapter 388
Volume Mystery of the Rainbow Arrives
Chapter Guide
Reborn's Concern
Tsuna Moves

Dilemma is the 388th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Tsuna ignites his strongest Sky Flames and Jager responds by igniting his Flame of Night. Tsuna flies towards Jager, but Jager gets behind Tsuna and smashes him with Vindice Chains, sending him skidding across the floor. Before Jager strikes again, Bermuda tells him to stop so that Reborn and Tsuna can have more time to consider his alliance request. Bermuda opens a Flame portal and leaves with Jager. Reborn dejectedly tells Tsuna that the latter doesn't have to die fighting for the Arcobaleno as he couldn't win anyways. Reborn goes through the portal, leaving a shocked Tsuna behind.

When Tsuna and Reborn arrive at Namimori park, they are met by Colonnello, Fon, Verde, Yuni, and M.M.. They are told that while they were gone, the injured members of Team Reborn and Team Verde were brought to either the hospital or Kokuyo Land. They also learn that Team Colonnello lost and that Mammon used Illusions to help his team escape the Vindice. Verde asks Reborn what Bermuda told him, and Reborn agrees to tell them, asking them to call Mammon as well. As Tsuna is about to go home, M.M. asks him what Bermuda said. Tsuna flashes back to what Bermuda said about Checker Face's goal and how Checker Face's death would kill the Arcobaleno as well. Overwhelmed, Tsuna runs away, ignoring M.M.'s questions. As he runs, he considers Reborn's possible fates- dying or becoming a Vindice. He stops to rest at a wall, desperately wondering what he can do.


Note: Bold + Italicized = First Appearance

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