Devolt 2

Title Belladonna Lily Officer
Gender Male
Status Alive
Famiglia Millefiore Famiglia
Team Belladonna Lily
Weapons Two-Bladed Sickle
Flame Cloud

Devolt is one of the Millefiore Famiglia characters introduced in Fate of Heat 2. He is a special member of Belladonna Lily, the Millefiore's Assassination Squad. He's a professional swordman and uses a Two-Bladed Sickle that he's able to turn into every weapon in the world. He is also one of the 101 swordmen that appear in the DVD that Squalo left for Yamamoto.

Plot OverviewEdit

Fate of Heat 2Edit

The first time Tsuna met this character in Fate of Heat 2, it was just Albito disguised as Devolt. A short time after, the true Devolt appeared and fought Tsuna to try and stop him from foiling Bligganteth's plans. After his defeat, he retreated back to the Belladonna Lily's base and he managed to become a Half-Mechanical Beast and storms the Vongola Hideout; however, he was ultimately defeated by Tsuna.


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