Desolation Bullet

DBullet Effects

Weapon Bullet
Abilities Making target desolate
User Mangusta
Manga Debut Chapter 44

The Desolation Bullet (嘆き弾, Naigeki Dan) is a manga-exclusive weapon developed by the Tomaso Famiglia. When shot, the victim goes into a state where they recall sad events of their lives out loud and draw sympathy from whoever hears them. Like the Dying Will Bullet, they emerge from their bodies in only their underwear.



  • In the Viz Media translation, it's called the Sorry Shot.
  • The effect of the Desolation Bullet is quite simillar to Skullitis, making the victim show someone their past or deepest secrets.
  • Mangusta attempted to shoot Hibari with the bullet but failed as Hibari deflected it.

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