Dendro Chilum is a member of the Black Spell of Millefiore Famiglia.

Character OutlineEdit


Dendro Chilum is a giant human that greatly towers over Ryohei, Lal, Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Tsuna. He wears his hair in a spiked mohawk and wears Black Spell armor.

Plot OverviewEdit

Future ArcEdit

Merone Base InvasionEdit

Dendro, thinking the Vongola forces were simply a mole in the ventilation shaft, activates the lasers mounted in them, but is surprised to learn that they were actually just a bunch of "human kids". He doesn't know that Tsuna's Family has traveled into the Future and takes the opportunity to test out two shoulder-mounted cannons against them.

He is surprised to find that not only was his attack ineffective, but it was also blocked completely. In a rage, he charges the group with his Lance, only to have Hyper Dying Will Tsuna burn the point away. Unknown to him, his opponent does not budge because the next-to invisible Soft Flame he was emitting behind him gave him more stopping power. Dendro unleashes his Elettro Cinghiale to battle with him and instructs it to charge Tsuna with its "Doppio Corno Lancia" or Double Horn Lance, which Tsuna easily repels.

As a last-ditch effort for the win, Dendro mounts his Elettro Cinghiale and charges Tsuna with his best move, the "Triplo Corno Lancia," but he is engulfed in Tsuna's new finisher, the X-Burner.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit


Elettro Cinghiale

Dendro's Box Weapon, Elletro Cinghiale

  • Turbine Shoulder Armor - Two gigantic cannons mounted on Dendro's shoulders with which he can fire Lightning Flames at his opponents.
  • Lancia Elettrica lit. Electric Lance - A lance coated with the Lightning's Solidification-characteristic flame.
  • Elettro Cinghiale lit. Electric Wild Boar - Dendro claims that this Box Weapon has five times the piercing power he does.


  • Corp Electric Shock: Dendro charges Lightning Flames through his lance and then thrusts it at his target.
  • Triplo Corno Lancia: Dendro sits on top of his Elettro Cinghiale and points his lance in the same direction as the horns while having the Elettro Cinghiale charge at the enemy.


  • A Dendro Chilum is a flower in the genus of the Orchid Plant.
  • Dendro Chilum's nickname is "Top Lancer", his penetrating power being among the best in the Millefiore; however, this was revealed to actually be his Box Weapon that was famed, its own penetrating power being five times more powerful than Dendro's, as stated by Dendro himself.