Chapter 255

Arc Choice Arc
Chapter 255
Volume Yuni Arrives!
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Yuni's Arrival

Decisions is the 255th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Hibari and Squalo are ready to fight, but Byakuran stops his subordinates from attacking. He tries to negotiate with Yuni, promising to return the Vongola Rings to the Vongola if she returns to Millefiore, surprising the Vongola since they think that Byakuran really needed the rings. However, Yuni sees through Byakuran's plan and refuses. Byakuran demands to have the Vongola Rings, but Yuni tells him that the Rings and Pacifiers don't belong to him, and that she would invalidate the choice game. Byakuran tries to threaten her by killing her subordinates, the Black Spell, but Yuni continues to resist, stating that they will understand her decision. Reborn then asks Tsuna to make the decision of protecting her. Tsuna initially refuses, thinking of her comrades, but, seeing her eyes, takes her hand and promises to protect her.

Kikyo is granted by Byakuran permission to attack, but before he can attack, Squalo attacks him first. Dino goes and helps Squalo in order to give the rest time to escape to Namimori through the transportation system. Gokudera and Hibari also stay behind in order to defend from incoming attacks. As everyone else boards the base unit, Gokudera and the others arrive, and it's revealed the Hibari's needles were holding the enemy back; however, Byakuran attacks and Dino decides to stay behind in order to stop him. Suddenly, Mukuro arrives, much to everyone's surprise.


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