Arc Future Final Battle Arc
Chapter 265
Volume Final Battle Arrives!
Chapter Guide
Right Arm

Dawn is the 265th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Yuni informs everyone about her premonition: a battle that will end all will take place in that forest. Yuni also reveals that if they defeat this world's Byakuran, all of the other Byakuran from other worlds will also be defeated and that they will be able to return to the past, free of fear. Tsuna begins to panic due to their limited time to prepare for the battle and asks help from Shoichi to devise a battle plan. When Shoichi tells everyone that Gokudera, Basil, Lal, Ryohei, Nosaru and Tazaru should not be able to fight due to the last battle, everyone starts to complain, only to be stopped by Reborn's gunshot. Everyone then opens their Box Weapons to coat them with Alfin's Brain Coating. However, the box weapons fight each other, causing Gamma to comment that it's shocking that all of the kids managed to stay alive, but Yuni thinks that they survived because of the brightness that they bring. Lal then gives Yuni a pacifier.

Elsewhere, Byakuran and his subordinates arrive at the forest due to Torikabuto's Bacteria Powder that he on Yuri. After telling them their plan, Byakuran orders his subordinates to go and the three takes their separate paths. As Zakuro continues to look for Yuni, he is suddenly bound and attacked by Lal, Gamma and Gokudera. Zakuro looks like his heavily injured, but reveals that he is fine and opens his box of carnage...


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