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Ten Years Later | Present
Daisy in Choice
Kanji Name デイジー
Romaji Name Deijī
Title Millefiore Sun Funeral Wreath
Gender Male
Status Alive
Famiglia Millefiore Famiglia
Box Animal Sun Rhino
Sun Box of Carnage
Flame Sun
Seiyu Monda Yamagishi
Manga Debut Chapter 227
Anime Debut Episode 155

Character OutlineEdit

History Edit

Daisy is the Sun Funeral Wreath and, as such, possesses the Sun Mare Ring. With the other Funeral Wreaths, Daisy reigned over other Parallel Worlds; however, in this universe, he instead faced great misfortunes. However, Byakuran found him, and because of Daisy's resolution to him, showed him how to become stronger.

Personality Edit

During Choice, Daisy appeared to be paranoid and fearful of being hurt while constantly carrying a ripped toy rabbit called Bubu; however, this was shown to be an act to please Byakuran. In reality, Daisy is violent and obsessed with death, brought on by his inability to die.

Appearance Edit

He has long, wavy green hair.

Plot OverviewEdit

Future ArcEdit

Choice ArcEdit

Daisy was chosen as the Millefiore target in the game of Choice and was instructed by Kikyo to remain at the Millefiore base. Yamamoto attempted to land a blow on Daisy but was slowed down by a barrier. A short time later, Yamamoto destroyed the barrier, and extinguished Daisy's marker. At the same time, Kikyo defeated Shoichi, and thanks to Daisy's inability to die, the Millefiore won.
Daisy Defeated

Daisy Defeated

Future Final Battle ArcEdit

Later, after Yuni defected, the Six Funeral Wreaths chased the Vongola to Namimori. Daisy soon encountered Dino and Hibari. After activating his Box of Carnage Daisy fought and defeated Dino. However, before he could land a finishing blow, Hibari intervened. Hibari then used his Vongola Box to restrain Daisy and took his Mare Ring, ending his immortality.

The Curse of the Rainbow ArcEdit

Daisy is seen along with the other Six Funeral Wreaths with Byakuran at the Giglio Nero Famiglia's mansion awaiting Yuni to be released from the Sky Pacifier in his present form. He is later eliminated on the first day of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow by Team Verde.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Freaky Daisy2

Daisy after activating his Sun Box of Carnage

Like the other Funeral Wreaths, Daisy has been told about all the opponents Byakuran has fought in parallel worlds. As such, he knows all of their techniques, strengths, and weaknesses. Thanks to his Sun Mare Ring, his cells activate at extreme speeds, making him effectively immortal.

  • Sun Rhino - Daisy's Box Animal is a Sun Rhino that was petrified by Dino's Sky Horse and smashed by Hibari's Vongola Cloud Hedgehog.
  • Sun Box of Carnage - Daisy's most powerful Weapon, a Box Weapon placed where his heart would be. When activated, it transforms him into a lizard/human hybrid with wing-shaped Sun Flames coming out of his back. This form gives him the ability to use his Sun Flames to regenerate any part of his body, even severed limbs. Additionally, severed limbs can still move even after being separated and grow into a new body.


Daisy's Misfortune

Daisy before he was found by Byakuran

  • Byakuran described him in Choice "The Living Zombie" because he can never die unless you take away his mare ring like Hibari did.
  • The Six Funeral Wreaths are all named after Flowers. Daisy was named after the Daisy flower.
  • Despite his healing ability, Daisy has a number of scars on his face and bandages on his hands.
  • Before he was found by Byakuran, Daisy was held in a mental institution. When Daisy was staying at the institution, his doll, Bubu, had no stitches or tears.
  • As stated by Kikyo, Daisy has a weakness for the lovely and fragile.
  • Daisy was the first Funeral Wreath to open their Box of Carnage.
  • Daisy and Torikabuto are considered the two weakest Funeral Wreaths; this was stated by Kikyo after the two of them were defeated.


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