Daemon Reborn Arrives!

Reborn! Volume 35

Shinsei Deimon kuru!
Volume Info
Japanese Release Date August 04, 2011
Volume Number 35
Volume Guide
Awakening Arrives!
Curse of the Rainbow Arrives!

Daemon Reborn Arrives! (Shinsei Deimon kuru!, 新生D来る!) is the 35th volume of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! manga series by Akira Amano.


Characters IntroducedEdit


Tsuna is able to save Enma, but their reunion is interrupted by the arrival of the Vindice, who announce that Enma is the loser of the battle, ignoring Tsuna's protest. They witness the sixth key that shows Giotto and Cozarto made an oath that their Famiglias will always be close. Hearing the words, an Arcobaleno with a clear pacifier appears and states that he shall uphold the law, shocking everyone. Reborn questions why they have the clear pacifier, but the Vindice refuse to answer. Mukuro defeats Daemon with the power of his Mist Vongola Gear, but it turns out that Daemon intentionally lost so he could possess Mukuro's soulless body in Vendicare. The Vindice appear again, telling them that Daemon in Mukuro's body has broken through their water prison, and they must be the ones to stop him since Daemon is doing all this for the sake of Vongola. Tsuna and Enma agree on the condition that the Vindice must free the imprisoned Vongola and Simon Guardians if they win. Daemon in Mukuro's body promptly arrives, gaining monstrous power and the same Flame as the Vindice.

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