Daemon's Rebirth

Chapter 336 Cover

Shinsei Deimon
Arc Inheritance Ceremony Arc
Chapter 336
Volume Daemon Reborn Arrives!
Chapter Guide
The Power of Daemon

Daemon's Rebirth is the 336th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Mukuro explains that there's only one person who would be able to steal his body, who is Daemon Spade, much to everyone's surprise. He continues by explaining that Daemon got his hands on Chrome first to lure out his soul from his body and then intentionally lost their duel so he could possess now his empty soulless body in Vendicare Prison. Reborn says that he never heard about an illusionist's body being possessed by another illusionist while possessing someone. Mukuro agrees to this since it's an exceptionally difficult technique and not to mention that Daemon had just obtained it recently.

Chrome remembers that Daemon had been waiting for the perfect moment, with the awakened Simon Ring, he confidently battled Mukuro, realizing everyone that he managed to achieve that feat because of the power of Simon Desert Ring. The Vindice appear, making Enma think that they intend to take Julie and him since they have lost. However, it turned out that the Vindice have to put that aside because an urgent situation iss occurring; Daemon who had possessed Mukuro's body gone berserk and destroying their prison and it's only a matter of time for the jailbreak to occur. The Vindice demand Tsuna and the others to deal with Daemon, even though they are actually able to deal with him, because long ago and even now, Daemon's actions are done for the name of Vongola.

Tsuna agrees in exchange that the battle between Vongola and Simon being negate and that the Vongola and Simon members who are imprisoned to be freed if they able to defeat Daemon, to which Enma agrees. The Vindice agree and promise that they will free the imprisoned members if they managed to defeat Daemon. One of the Vindice reveals himself to be the one who witnessed Giotto and Cozarto Simon's oath in the past. Just then, the group is interrupted by a sudden attack that destroys their surrounding and is powerful enough to exhaust Yamamoto and Gokudera's flames as the two protect the group from the impact. A combustion of energy appeared in front of them, Bermuda realizes that Daemon has obtained the same attribute as theirs. From the black portal, Daemon reveals himself with Mukuro's body and states that it's about time to end the generation of Tsuna's Family.


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