Daemon's Deck of Cards
Cards | Characters Formed | Illusionary World
Chapter 338
Title Daemon's Deck of Cards
Weapon Deck of Cards
  • Takes Characteristics of Enemy Allies
  • Sending and trapping Enemy into Illusionary world
Users Daemon Spade
Manga Debut Chapter 334

Daemon's Deck of Cards is one of Daemon Spade's many weapons. On the back of the card is present a pattern with a D in the center. Once activated, these cards take the forms of people who are close to the enemy to make use of any emotional attachments. They also take the form that the user has seen and feels most threatened by, as seen when the Flan from ten years later was summoned to fight Mukuro instead of the present Flan.
These "characters" that are formed by the cards are able to use any ability or skill that the original has, and even takes up their personality.
Daemon has been shown to be able to slip into one of the "characters" and attack the enemy himself.
After Daemon took control of Mukuro's body, he gained the additional ability to send his enemies into an illusionary world which he controls through these cards.
When Daemon first used this ability, it caused an explosion with the joker card in order to suck his enemies in through the explosion. However, when used against Hibari, the cards changed into a bigger form and Hibari simply got sucked into it, showing that an explosion isn't always necessary.

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