Cure for the Curse

Chapter 362

Noroi no Chiryou Hou
Arc The Curse of the Rainbow Arc
Chapter 362
Volume Curse Release Arrives!
Chapter Guide
The Threat Team

Cure for the Curse is the 362nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Chrome, coughing sickly, is quietly walking along a bridge when suddenly a bearded man questions her if she doesn't receive battler watch from Reborn. Mukuro then reveals himself, stating that he was merely an illusion. Suddenly, a cut appears on Mukuro's cheek, but Mukuro brushes it off, stating to Chrome that he was in a battle elsewhere, and that a troublesome opponent had appeared. Mukuro states to Chrome that she had to tell him everything about her condition right now; otherwise, she would die, shocking Chrome. Mukuro goes on, stating that if she remained like this, she would have about only 3 days left, in which in that period of time her health would rapidly deteriorate. Mukuro begins to speak about the cause for Chrome's illness.

Adelheid is walking beside Namimori Middle School when she notices Enma's Earth Flame and some other Dying Will Flames of the Sky. The dust cloud clears around an area, and Adelheid, shocked, sees the Varia and a beaten up and bruised Enma. The Varia all charge up with their new Varia Rings, prepared to use their strongest attacks to annihilate Enma. Adelheid cries out helplessly as Squalo uses Scontro di Squalo, Belphegor uses Fiamma Scarlatta, Leviathan uses Lightning Lunge, and Lussuria uses Solar Knee. Adelheid once again cries out in anguish, but the curse-removed Skull appears and protects Enma with his "Undead Body", a maneuver that enhances the user's durability. Skull tells Enma to count his blessings, as he had come for him. Squalo, however, slashes at Skull and the latter, once again a whiner, whines out in pain that he didn't want to do it anymore.

Suddenly, the Rainbow Wristwatches call out that time was up and that the battle was over. The Varia, disgruntled, take their leave. Skull, back in his baby Arcobaleno form, rolls around in pain. Yonomichi chuckles from above and explains the Arcobaleno Curse removal feature, and how each use was limited to 3 minutes, though he doesn't reveal how many times it can be used. Lussuria expresses his surprise that Skull was able to stop all four of their strongest attacks at the same time. Squalo calmly comments that 7 "absurdly powerful monsters" had entered the battle situation, and that it would make things more exciting. Adelheid, meanwhile, hugs Enma in happiness and relief. She expresses her anger that Enma was with Skull, but Enma reassures her, stating that he saved his life. Adelheid recalls how the Varia had stated that the Representative Battle of the Rainbow wasn't over yet and, sighing, states to Skull that she and the other tenth generation Simon Ring Holders would officially become his representatives, much to Skull's happiness.


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