Coyote Nougat is the 9th generation Storm Guardian serving under Vongola Nono of the Vongola Famiglia.

Character Outline Edit

Appearance Edit

Coyote is an old man around the age of Timoteo. He wears the commonly seen suit and tie of Vongola mafioso. He appears to have a steel arm on the left half of his body. He sports a mustache and long hair that seems to extend past his shoulders, with several bangs in his face. His hairstyle somewhat resembles Gokudera's.

Personality Edit

He appears to take his job seriously. When Tsuna reacted at the sight of Ninth, calling the latter "grandpa", Coyote was seen frowning at this.

Plot OverviewEdit

Inheritance Ceremony ArcEdit

He first appeared along with Timoteo and the other guardians when they arrived at Japan. He was seen again at a hotel, where discussed about the Giegue Famiglia, who had already found the whereabouts of the Famiglia that intended to sabotage the Inheritance Ceremony. At the ceremony, he defended Tsuna and Timoteo when they realized the enemy have move to take the "Sin," and was surprised, like everyone present, when he found out that the Simon Famiglia was the one who attacked them.

After Enma defeated Tsuna and his Guardians and took his leave, he followed Simon; however, Coyote was discovered and was attacked. It is unclear whether he survived the attack or not.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

  • Difesa A Circolo: A defensive circle created by him and the other five guardians with the Flames of their Rings.


  • The 9th generation Guardians seem to have a theme of being named for desserts. "Nougat" is a confectionary treat made of sugar or honey and various other ingredients, such as nuts or candied fruits.
  • Coyote,Timoteo and Ganauche III made a brief cameo in the first episode of the eldlive anime on a TV screen which likely states that the eldlive anime takes place during the early parts of the inheritance ceremony arc.


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