Cortina Nebbia
Normal Power | Cambio Forma Enhanced
Cortina Nebbia
Title Cortina Nebbia
Abilities Creating barrier
Users Chrome Dokuro
Manga Debut Chapter 325

Cortina Nebbia (lit. Mist Curtain) a technique used by Chrome during the Inheritance Ceremony Arc while under Daemon Spade's control. It creates a Mist Barrier that surrounds and traps anyone within it, forcing its captives to stay within the barrier's boundaries. When under Daemon's control, a claw comprised of Mist Flames will appear before the user when they activate it and make the technique to be dangerous for the user itself, as it is not an ordinary security barrier. If the barrier is broken, the claw will impale the caster of the technique.
Once Cambio Forma is activated, the strength of this barrier increases greatly, to the point where it can maybe save the user from powerful techniques, such as the XX-Burner.

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