Controlling the Dying Will

Target 89

Shinu Ki no Kontorōru
Arc Varia Arc
Chapter 89
Volume Deathperation Flames
Chapter Guide
What Wasn't Seen
Varia's Footsteps

Controlling the Dying Will is the 89th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Basil punches Tsuna into a wall, the latter stating that it really hurt. Reborn, however, states that if he hadn't passed the first stage, he would have passed out. Reborn then shoots Tsuna, sending him into Dying Will Mode. Tsuna unleashes a barrage of punches, but Basil catches his last one, stating that he was willing to die too much, and that he need only to be willing to die for a short moment. Tsuna gathers rocks and throws them at Basil, but he dodges them all, catches one, and throws it into the cliff behind Tsuna, loosening a boulder onto Tsuna, squashing him. With Hibari's training, the latter was being stubborn, prompting Dino, who was training him, to make a trade; if Dino beat him in a serious battle, Hibari would become a member of Tsuna's Family. At Ryohei's training, Colonello tells him to smash a rock with his bare hands, prompting Ryohei to reply that it was impossible. Colonello, however, shoots Ryohei to give him an example. Ryohei then understands that you make the body into a gun, and compress your punch into the "bullet". Iemitsu, hiding in the bushes, comments on Colonello's acceptance of Ryohei. In Italy, Xanxus calls Squalo in and kicks him, informing him angrily that the ring was fake. He then leaves and announces to the Varia that they were leaving for Italy.


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