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Arc Future Arc
Chapter 185
Volume X Burner Arrives!
Chapter Guide
Vs. Baishana

Conclusion is the 185th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Tsuna's X-Burner blast destroys King Mosca, but Tsuna loses consciousness as a result. Spanner climbs out of King Mosca and prepares to shoot Tsuna.

With Yamamoto, Gokudera, and Ryohei, Gokudera hears Reborn's voice over the wireless, the wireless being restored due to the Millefiore's surveillance system being destroyed. Yamamoto, however, states that they were too deep to get a clear signal. At Shoichi's control room, an officer informs Shoichi of an explosion in Tsuna and Spanner's battleground, but Shoichi dismisses it, stating that Spanner would contact him once it was over. The Cervello then inform Shoichi that there were 5 confirmed infiltrators, and that the proposed to split their fighting force into 3 and to deploy them to guard the areas the 5 infiltrators were heading. The Cervello then list the C++ ranked members of the Millefiore in the base at the moment to be deployed; Baishana, Nigella, Genkishi, Gamma, Tazaru, Iris, and Ginger Bread.

With the Guardians that infiltrated, Ryohei hears a noise, silently telling Yamamoto and Gokudera to stop. The presence is revealed to be Nigella, who was cut down by Baishana, much to the Guardians' surprise. Baishana then states that he was waiting for them.


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