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Target 104

Arc Varia Arc
Chapter 104
Volume Prince Ripper!
Chapter Guide
Attack of Raging Waves
Hibari Returns

Conclusion is the 104th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


The attack successfully hits Belphegor, the aforementioned person falling, Gokudera announcing that it was over. However, the Cervello announce that the battle wasn't over until both halves of the Storm Vongola Rings were joined together. Gokudera goes to grab the ring from Bel, but Bel weakly attempts to kill Gokudera with his knives. The Cervello then start to detonate the hurricane turbines around the third floor, leaving only one minute for the Storm Vongola Rings to be united.

Doctor Shamal then urgently tells Gokudera to give his opponent the Storm Vongola Ring and withdraw. Gokudera refuses, believing that a person that couldn't win their own battles wasn't worthy to be Tsuna's right-hand man. Tsuna, however, shouts to Gokudera that the reason they fought was to have fun together, to be able to laugh together, and that if he died, the purpose of their fighting would be ruined. The last hurricane turbine then detonates, leaving Tsuna and Doctor Shamal devastated. However, Gokudera stumbles out of the blast, stating that he wanted to see the fireworks again. Gokudera then tells Yamamoto that the rest was up to him. The Cervello then announce the winner of the battle to be Belphegor, and the next match would be between the Rain Guardians; Yamamoto and Squalo. Suddenly, Hibari breaks through the window, asking the Varia what they were doing in his school.


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