Reborn 290 Cover

Arc Inheritance Ceremony Arc
Chapter 290
Volume Inheritance Ceremony Arrives!
Chapter Guide

Communication is the 290th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Gokudera is happily anticipating the Inheritance Ceremony, thinking that he should buy a new suit and thinks about the legendary Giegue assassin Famiglia. Meanwhile in a deserted factory in Namimori, three members of the Giegue Famiglia arrive. The three seem to be following someone and thinks them unlucky for facing them.

Gokudera arrives at Tsuna's house and sees P. Shitt in a peculiar position. Tsuna welcomes Gokudera and tells him that P. Shitt has been like that since last night while Reborn explains that he did anything to get her attention but she still wouldn't move. Gokudera tries to communicate with P. Shitt, but she immediately bounces away. Gokudera goes after him, leaving Reborn and Rauji to guard Tsuna. After Gokudera leaves, Reborn informs Tsuna that the leader of the group trying to assassinate him has been found. When Tsuna panics, Reborn tells him not to worry since the Giegue family is after them.

Meanwhile, Gokudera is chasing P. Shitt but she is able to get away from him. As he continues his search, Gokudera meets Adelheid, walking from what seems to be an abandoned factory, who gives him a clue on how to communicate with P. Shitt. Gokudera sees P. Shitt again and chases after him. As he chase her, he remembers P. Shitt's request the first day that they met and addresses her as Shitoppi-chan, which causes her to stop and communicate with him like a normal person.

Back at the abandoned factory, the Giegue Famiglia had been defeated, and one member states that the female fighter didn't possess any of the Dying Will Flames of the Sky. He states that the Vongola is in danger, and was desperate to warn them, but is killed before he can do so.


*Note: Bold + Italicized = First Appearance

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