Chrome Dokuro vs. Mammon

Target 114

Kurōmu Dokuro VS. Māmon
Arc Varia Arc
Chapter 114
Volume The Mist Guardian
Chapter Guide
Chrome's Attack

Chrome Dokuro vs. Mammon is the 114th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Gokudera is convinced that the girl who calls herself Chrome is Mukuro in disguise, but Tsuna doesn't think so. Chrome thanks Tsuna for his trust by kissing him on the cheek, angering Gokudera. Tsuna decides that Chrome will fight as their Mist Guardian. Colonnello arrives with Falco, concerned that Mammon may be an Arcobaleno. After Chrome politely refuses a group huddle, the Mist Ring Battle starts. Chrome begins with a trident strike that literally makes ground-shattering illusions. Mammon strangles Chrome with tentacles, but he turns out to just be strangling an illusion. Mammon, no longer holding in his power, drops his chain. Fantasma morphs from a frog to a snake and circles Mammon's head. As Mammon floats into the air and his Pacifier shines, Reborn deduces that he is the missing Arcobaleno: Viper!


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