Chrome (Vongola GP Kuru!)
Title Team Kokuyo Informant
Gender Female
Age 13
Status Alive
Team Team Kokuyo
Manga Debut Mysterious Trio Arrives!

 Chrome is a member of Team Kokuyo from Kokuyo Town.

Character OutlineEdit


Chrome wears a thigh-length black dress with white sleeves, a white cloak, and black stockings. She also wears a bandana-like eyepatch decorated with a skull picture over her right eye. Unlike her original counterpart, instead of being cut into a pineapple-shaped style, her hair is tied up with a skull-shaped hairtie that makes it resemble a pineapple.


Unlike most of the characters who still retain most of the traits of their original counterparts, Chrome is very different from her original; in contrast with her original counterpart who is shy and reserved, Chrome is confident and indifferent towards others, coldly injuring Gokudera with Ken and Chikusa and challenging Team Vongola to a match. She is also much more expressive and readily reveals enthusiasm and fascination, though she still remains calm while doing it. However, she's still quite naive as shown when Mukuro and Verde argue but she innocently thinks they are getting along well. The only similarities that she shares with her original counterpart are her admiration towards Mukuro and concern for her teammates.

Plot OverviewEdit

Challenging Team VongolaEdit

While Gokudera is on his way to deliver something to Tsuna, Chrome suddenly stands right in the middle of road, causing Gokudera to brake abruptly to prevent from hitting her, successfully stopping him. As Gokudera scolds her, she claims that they will take the important item that Gokudera is delivering to Tsuna, heavily injuring him. She, Ken, and Chikusa challenges Tsuna and his team for a match, giving them the map of their whereabout. At night, at the warehouse, she becomes the referee of the match. When she was distracted by Ken's defeat, Yamamoto ties her from behind to be taken to the police. However, she is able to free herself and replaces herself with a wooden doll, escaping with Ken and Chikusa. They are then seen reporting to Mukuro of the data they have gathered, stating that Mukuro's possibility to lose against Team Vongola is 0%.

Kokuyo Grand PrixEdit

Chrome became a spectator, seating beside Kyoko with boards and stuff dolls with words that supports Mukuro. Throughout the race, she only makes comments and explain Mukuro's cart's copying ability. After Mukuro lost the race, she regroups with Mukuro, Ken, and Chikusa, discussing their next plan to defeat Tsuna.

Arcobaleno Grand PrixEdit

She, along with the rest of Team Kokuyo appears and supports Tsuna who is racing against Yuni and the other Arcobaleno when he nearly lost confidence, and eventually joins the race with other racers after he won against all of them.

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