Chrome Dokuro's Mother

Nagi's Mother

Gender Female
Status Alive
Seiyu Yui Shūji
Manga Debut Chapter 115
Anime Debut Episode 51

Character OutlineEdit

Chrome's mother is a famous superstar. She is currently married to another man who isn't Chrome's father.

Appearance Edit

Her face has not been shown. She has shoulder-length, dark and wavy hair. In a flashback, she was shown wearing a white jacket or shawl over a dark dress. On her right middle finger is a ring and her left wrist is adorned with a single bracelet. She also appears to wear nail polish.

Personality Edit

She is neglectful towards Chrome and seems very unkind.

Plot OverviewEdit

Varia ArcEdit

During the Mist Ring Battle, she was shown in a flashback complaining to her husband about Chrome's condition and how she fails to understand the girl who no one wants alive. She was unwilling to sacrifice herself for Chrome and is shown to be upset about who she is. These words were, unbeknownst to her, heard by Chrome in the ICU.

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