Chrome's Attack

Target 113

Kurōmu Shūgeki
Arc Varia Arc
Chapter 113
Volume The Mist Guardian
Chapter Guide
The Guardian of Mist
Chrome Dokuro vs. Mammon

Chrome's Attack is the 113th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Mammon tries and fails to find his opponent with his Thoughtography, as a different power is blocking the picture with the letters "CD". Reborn is chatting with Ken and Chikusa and angers Ken. Ken activates his Rhino Channel, which Reborn takes to be Ken's Hippo Channel. At the Vongola Base in Italy, Iemitsu and Vongola Ninth are discussing the Ring Battles. Suddenly, Vongola Ninth takes out a gun and shoots Iemitsu. At Namimori Middle, Tsuna awakens in the gymnasium. He gets the impression that Mukuro Rokudo is going to be the Mist Guardian, but instead, it happens to be a girl named Chrome Dokuro.


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