Choice Finale

Chapter 251 Cover

Choisu Shūryō
Arc Choice Arc
Chapter 251
Volume Yuni Arrives!
Chapter Guide
The Phalaenopsis Paradox

Choice Finale is the 251st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


The injured Shoichi tries to tell Tsuna not to worry about him and to just take out the Millefiore target, Daisy. However, Yamamoto assures Tsuna that he could take care of Daisy so that Tsuna could go back to the base to guard Shoichi. Kikyo says that it was too late for Tsuna to come and readies himself to send the final strike at Shoichi.

Meanwhile at the Millefiore base, Yamamoto uses his Tenth Style: Scontro di Rodine at Daisy. As Daisy screams from the look of Yamamoto's attack, Shoichi is seen pierced through his target by Kikyo. Tsuna makes it just in time to see his ally falling to the ground with Kikyo floating above him. In anger, Tsuna attacks Kikyo, who doesn't see a need to fight since the match is over. As Tsuna goes to check on Shoichi, he is stopped by the Cervello judge who takes a look at Shoichi's condition for themselves.

At the Millefiore base, the other Cervello judge is checking on Daisy's condition. Both Shoichi and Daisy's target marks' percentage are falling but Shoichi was in a bad state and was continually losing life energy. When everyone thought it was a draw, the Millefiore had a sly grin on their faces. Daisy then awakens from Yamamoto's strike as Kikyo explains that Daisy is known as the "Undead Body" since he is unable to die due to him possessing the Sun Mare Ring. At that point, the Cervello declare the Millefiore the winner. As the rest of the Vongola Famiglia express their shock, Tsuna yells out for his defeated comrade.


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