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Choice Ends

173 Cover

Choisu Kecchaku
Air Date February 27, 2010
Arc Choice Arc
Episode 173
Opening Song Funny Sunny Day
Ending Song Gr8 Story
Episode Guide
Kikyo's Assault
Truth of the Future

Choice Ends (チョイス決着) is the 173rd episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


Irie mobilizes the base in an attempt to escape from Kikyo. After a long chase scene, Kikyo manages to destroy the base and inflicts a fatal wound on Irie. At the same time, Yamamoto breaks through the barrier and defeats Daisy and extinguishes his marker. Tsuna, having escaped from Torikabuto's illusion with the use of his X-Burner, arrives to find that the marker on Irie has been extinguished. Daisy, however, regains consciousness and is able to relight his marker with his ability, causing the Millefiore to be pronounced the Winner of Choice.



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