Choice Begins

Choice Begins chapter cover

Choisu Kaishi
Arc Choice Arc
Chapter 241
Volume Choice Arrives!
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Choice Begins is the 241st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


The day of Choice has come. With Tsuna's Family beaming 10,000,000 FV of flame pressure to the Flame Ring Teleportation System, they are able to pass Byakuran's "entrance ticket fee" for the Choice game. Byakuran then gets Tsuna to pick his battlefield from many floating cards. Tsuna picks a Lightning Card and the group is immediately teleported by Byakuran into the battlefield, which turns out to be the middle of a group of Super Lightning-Flame Resistant High-Rise Buildings. Byakuran and his Funeral Wreaths then arrive, much to everyone's surprise. Tsuna is unwilling to fight in a city full of people but Byakuran predicted this and explains that he already evacuated the city. Seeing that their opponents are just kids, Bluebell thinks that she could kill them without her box weapon.

Choice Board

The people who fight

Hibari is eager to start but Byakuran has other ideas and announces that the next Choice is about to start. He pulls out a Gyro Roulette, filled with symbols that represents the guardians, and it projects some holographic images on the sides of the buildings. Byakuran then tells Tsuna to place his hand with the ring on the side of the gears and Byakuran says Choice and the gears begin to spin, surprising Tsuna. The gears stop and numbers are seen next to the symbols and Byakuran announces that the battle participants have been announced.


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