The Chiavarone Famiglia is the third most powerful Mafia family that is allied with the Vongola Famiglia. It is one of the largest Famiglias, with over 5000 members in its ranks, though only a few of them have been named. It is currently being led by its tenth generation Boss, Dino. Dino has single-handedly raised the Chiavarone Famiglia to a prominent position by fixing their finances.


Although the Chiavarone Famiglia has over 5000 members, only a few of them have been named, those of which are the following:


  • In the original Japanese media, its name is written as "Cavallone". Cavallone means "big horse" in Italian. "Chiavarone" is the translation provided by VIZ, and does not have any meaning.
  • In a recent Reborn! Famiglia popularity poll, the Chiavarone Famiglia ranked fourth.