Chaos Shot
1st Version | First Version's Arrows | 2nd Version
Reborn firing chaos shot
Title Chaos Shot
Manga Debut Chapter 370
Anime Debut Episode 149

Chaos Shot is Reborn's special attack. The first version is used by Reborn in his Arcobaleno form. While Leon is in gun mode, Reborn charges a small amount of Sun Flames at the tip of the gun, forming a yellow, sparkling sphere, and then fires. The Flames split up into thin sun-arrows that can attack multiple targets at a time. The arrows have homing ability and amazing speed and can also attack the same target all together, dealing great damage. The second version is used by Reborn while he is curse-released. Reborn shoots bullets into the ground that emerge later and immediately target his opponent.


  • The Sun Flames are able to split into more than 10 arrows.

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